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Our projects channel a very specific set of tools and observations to reveal unique and thoughtful experiences. We see our projects as instruments that connect with the world in an extraordinary way… through space, light, order, and the senses.

The dapple of light through an aspen tree, the sound of gravel under foot, the smell of X. These are the moments where life happens. These are the moments that can be planned and constructed while seeming effortless.


Light enables so much of what we experience. Light is the single most important factor which informs how we shape our spaces. By highlighting the way light enters a room or how a shadow begins to define the boundaries of space, light can enhance the quality of the built world. We all realize that we enjoy daylight – how to manage, enhance and sculpt light is what sets Tomecek Studio apart.


We uncover distinct aspects within a project which inform the process to facilitate the end result. The best projects start with intention – in architecture we call this “concept”. To give meaning to architecture is one of Tomecek Studio’s ultimate goals. By giving clients a distinctly unique project that they can take pride in gives form to function, inspiration to life and passion to everyday activities.


Colorado differs from New York, just as the flatirons of Boulder differ from the urban grid of downtown Denver. No two places are identical. Each place has a different story to tell and offers us a unique opportunity. Tomecek Studio thrives on this uniqueness to craft thoughtful spaces tailored to our clients and to their sites’ important qualities and landscape.


The best project comes from the best clients. Intertwined within our iterative process, we search to understand our clients at a deeper level which helps inform the project’s soul. The essence of each Tomecek Studio project begins and ends with our clients beliefs, goals, aspirations and circumstances.


With today’s culture of abundance and information, inundation is difficult to avoid. Distillation and focus help quiet the mind, revealing serenity and what is truly important. Imagine the power of a distant vista when visible only for a specific moment. Imagine the power one material can take when it’s applied homogeneously to a surface. Editing, of more than just the visual, gives power, meaning and drive to our clients desires.

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